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   November 6, 2012
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In 2012, 98 women (78+20) were elected to the 113th Congress, or 18.3% overall -- the "record number" representing a 1.7% increase in a redistricting year with about 13 more OPEN SEATS than 2010. Only 4 women beat incumbents, while 15 Women (see who below) won 27% of 54 OPEN SEATS, 10 more than 2010. 167 women ran in the General Election for 435 seats in the House. Bottom line: The U.S. is currently 78th in the world for electing women to lower houses of national government -- or #95 if you count the ties!

(In 2008, 90 women (voting members/73+17) were elected to the 111th U.S. Congress, or 16.8%. In 2010, 89 women (72+17) were elected to the 112th Congress, or 16.6% -- the first slide backwards since 1979 according to CAWP. If women had been properly positioned and supported by either or both parties to win House OPEN SEATS in 2010 -- as in "Every OPEN SEAT a Woman's Seat" -- and had won 50% (20) instead of just five, the percentage of women going to the 112th Congress would have gone from 16.8% to 19.6%.)

2012 OPEN SEATS General Election: November 6, 2012
(OPEN SEATS statistics past 4 cycles below)

A. HOUSE: 35 OPEN SEATS by traditional means as listed, plus 19 due to redistricting NOTE: New seats are indicated in the 8 states that have gained them as a result of the 2010 Census. Redistricting caused some seats to be eliminated as also indicated, others were renumbered. Total number may vary in some reports depending on which seats counted as open...

Green indicates 15 women who won OPEN SEATS

AR04** (Ross-D, retiring)

AZ (ADDED DISTRICT)-- Ann Kirkpatrick (D-01), Krysten Sinema (D-09)

AZ06 (Flake-R, running for U.S.Senate)

CA01 (Herger-R, retiring)

CA02 (Lynn Woolsey-D, retiring)

CA08 (Lewis-R, retiring)

CA18 (Cardoza-D, retiring) - seat has been eliminated

CA26 (Gallegly-R, retiring)- Julia Brownley (D)

CA26 (Drier-R, retiring) - seat has been eliminated

               Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-35)

CA51 (Filner-D, running for Mayor of San Diego)

CT05 (Murphy-D, running for U.S. Senate)- Elizabeth Esty (D)

FL14 (Mack-R, running for U.S. Senate)


[FL22 (West-R, running in FL18)] - Lois Frankel (D)



HI02 (Hirono-D, running for U.S. Senate)- Tulsi Gabbard (D)

IL13 (Johnson-R, retiring)

IL12 (Costello-D, retiring)

IN02** (Donnelly-R, running for U.S. Senate)- Jackie Walorski (R)

IN05 (Burton-R, retiring) - Susan Brooks (R)

IN06 (Pence-R, running for Governor)

KY04** (Davis-R, retiring)

MA01 (Olver-D, retiring) - seat has been eliminated

MA04 (Frank-D, retiring)

MI05 (Kildee-D, retiring)

MO02 (Akin-R, running for U.S. Senate)- Ann Wagner (R)

MT** At-Large (Rehberg, R - running for U.S. Senate)

NV01 (Berkley-D, running for U.S. Senate)- Dina Titus (D)


NM01** (Heinrich-D, running for U.S. Senate)- Michele Lujan Grisham(D)

NY05 (Ackerman-D, retiring)

               Grace Meng (D-06)

NY09 (Turner-R, running for U.S. Senate) - seat has been eliminated

NY10 (Towns-D, retiring)

NY22 (Hinchey-D, retiring) - seat has been eliminated

NC09 (Sue Myrick-R, retiring)

NC11 (Shuler-D, retiring)

NC13 (Miller-D, retiring)

ND At-Large** (Berg, R - running for U.S. Senate)

OH02 (Jean Schmidt, R - lost primary)

               Joyce Beatty (D-03)

OH07 (Austria-R, retiring) - seat has been eliminated

OK02** (Boren-D, retiring)

PA04 (Platts-R, retiring)


TX14 (Paul-R, running for President)

TX20 (Gonzalez-D, retiring)







               Susan DelBene (D-01) -- Special & General Election same day!

WA06 (Dicks-D, retiring)

WI02 (Baldwin-D, running for U.S. Senate)


ARIZONA (Kyle-R, retiring) --

CONNECTICUT (Lieberman-I, retiring)

HAWAII (Akaka-D, retiring) - Mazie Hirono (D)

MAINE (Olympia J. Snowe-R, retiring) --

NEBRASKA (Nelson-D, retiring)- Deb Fischer (R)

NEW MEXICO** (Bingaman-D, retiring)

NORTH DAKOTA** (Conrad-D, retiring) - Heidi Heitcamp (D)

TEXAS (Kay Bailey Hutchison-R, retiring)

VIRGINA** (Webb-D, retiring)

WISCONSIN (Kohl-D, retiring) - Tammy Baldwin (D)

** These states currently send NO women to either house of Congress!

Past U.S. House OPEN SEATS statistics:
2004: 35 (11D, 14R)
2006: 31 (10D, 20R, 1I)
2008: 34 (7D, 27R)
2010: 41 (19D, 22R)

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