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It's a fact: There were 90 women (voting members/73+17) in the current 111th U.S. Congress, or 16.8%. There will be 89 women (72+17/if Senator Lisa Murkowski holds her own) in the 112th Congress, or 16.6% -- the first slide backwards since 1979 according to CAWP. If women had been properly positioned and supported by either or both parties to win OPEN SEATS in 2010 -- as in "Every Open Seat a Woman's Seat" -- and had won 50% (20), the percentage of women of women going to the 112th Congress would have gone from 16.6% to 19%. The U.S. is currently tied for 70th in the world for electing women, or #91 if you count the ties.....

OPEN SEATS 2010 & Women Running for Them*
(See OPEN SEATS statistics past 10 cycles below)

I. SPECIAL ELECTIONS: Women won 1 of 10 contests (net 1 seat lost)

NY19 (Kirsten Gillibrand-D, Resigned 1-26-09) -- Special 3-31-09 NONE
IL05 (Emanuel-D, Resigned 1-2-09) -- Special 4-7-09
     Mike Quigley (D) 69% Rosanna Pulido(R) 24%
CA32 (Hilda Solis-D, Resigned 2-24-09)-- Special 7-14-09
     Judy Chu (D) 62% Betty Chu(R) 33%
CA10 (Ellen Tauscher-D, Resigned 6-26-09) -- Special 11-3-09 NONE
NY23 (John McHugh-R, Resigned 9-21-09) -- Special 11-3-09
     (Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava-R exited race 3 days before)
FL19 (Wexler-D, Resigned 1-3-10) -- Special 4-13-10 NONE
PA12 (John Murtha-D, Deceased 2-8-10) -- Special 5-18-10 NONE
HI05 (Abercrombie-D, Resigned 2-28-10) -- Special 5-22-10
     Colleen Hanubusa-D, Kalaeloa Strode-NPA lost (14 candidates)
NY29 (Massa-D, Resigned 3-8-10) -- Special 11-2-10, Janice Volk WRI
GA09 (Deal-R, Resigned 3-31-10) -- Special 5-11-10, Run-off 6-8-10 NONE
IN03 (Souder-R, Resigned 5-21-10) -- Special 11-02-10 NONE

Senator Obama-IL, Resigned 11-16-08 - Replaced by Roland Burris**
Senator Biden-DE, Resigned 1-15-09 - Replaced by Ted Kaufman**
Senator Clinton-NY, Resigned 1-21-09 - Replaced by K. Gillibrand
Senator Martinez-FL, Resigned 8-7-09 -- Replaced by George Lemieux**
Senator Ted Kennedy-MA, Deceased 8-25-09 -- SPECIAL 1-29-10
      Scott Brown-R 52% Martha Coakley-D 47%
Senator Robert Byrd-D, Deceased 6-28-10 -- Replaced by Carte Goodwin**
** Caretakers, not running in General or Special Elections

II. November 2, 2010 -- Congressional Mid-Term General Election:

HOUSE: 41 OPEN Seats >12 women in General Election > 5 won
AL05 (Griffith-R, lost primary) -- NONE
AL07 (Davis-D, Gov)--Terri Sewell (D)72.5% vs. D.Chamberlain (R)27.5%
                            Martha Bozeman, Sheila Smoot (D) lost primary
                           Michelle Walter, Carol F. Hendrickson (R) lost primary
AR01 (Berry-D, Ret) -- Priscilla Smith (R) lost primary
AR02 (Snyder-D, Ret) -- Joyce Elliott (D) 38% vs. T. Griffin (R) 58%
AR03 (Boozeman-R, Senate) -- Cecile Bledsoe (R) lost primary
AZ03 (Shadegg-R, Ret) -- Pam Gorman (R), LeAnn Hull (R), Pauline Morris (R)
                                                                               lost primary
CA19(Radanovich-R,Ret)--Lorraine Goodwin (D)35% vs. J.Denham(R)65%
CA33 (Diane Watson-D, Ret) -- Karen Bass (D)86% vs. J.Andion (R)14%
DE At-large (Castle R, Sen) -- Rose Izzo (R), Michele Rollins (R) lost primary
FL05 (Ginny Brown-Waite-R, Ret) -- NONE
FL12 (Putnam-R, Comm Ag)-- Lori Edwards (D)41% vs. D. Ross (R)48%
FL17 (Meek-D, Sen) - Frederica Wilson (D)86% vs. R.Vereen (I)14%
        Marleine Bastien (D), Shirley Gibson (D), Yolly Roberson (D) lost primary
FL21 (L.Diaz-Balart-R, Ret) - NONE
FL25 (M.Diaz-Balart-R, Resigned to run for FL21) --
                                  Mariana "Marili" Cancio (R) lost primary
GA07 (Linder-R, Ret) -- NONE
IL10 (Kirk-R, Gov) -- Elizabeth Coulson (R), Julie Hamos (D) lost primary
IN04 (Buyer-R, Ret) -- Tara E. Nelson (D), Cheryl Denise Allen (R) lost primary
IN08 (Ellsworth-D, Sen) -- NONE
KS01 (Moran-R, Sen) -- Sue Boldara (R)lost primary
KS03 (Moore-D, Ret) --Stephene Ann Moore (D)38% vs. K. Yoder (R)59%
                          Patricia Lightner (R), Jean Ann Uvodich (R) lost primary
KS04 (Tiahrt-R, Sen) -- Jean Schodorf (R), Paij Rutschman (R) lost primary
LA03 (Melancon-D, Sen) -- NONE
MA10 (Delahunt-D, Ret) -- NONE
MI01 (Stupak-D, Ret) -- Linda Goldthorpe (R) withdrew
MI02 (Hoekstra-R, Gov) -- Nicolette McClure (D) lost primary
MI03 (Ehlers-R, Ret) -- Louise "Ellie" Johnson (R) lost primary
MI13 (Carolyn Cheeks-Kirkpatrick-D, lost primary) - NONE
MO07 (Blunt-R, Sen) -- NONE
NH02 (Hodes-D, Sen) -- Ann McLane Kuster (D)46% vs. C. Bass (R)49%
                                Katrina Swett (D), Jennifer Horn (R) lost primary
OK05 (Mary Fallin-R, Gov) -- NONE
PA07 (Sestak-D, Sen) -- Gail Connor withdrew
RI01 (Kennedy-D, Ret) -- Kara Russo (R) lost primary
SC01 (Brown-R, Ret) -- Katherine Jenerette (R) lost primary
SC03 (Barrett-R, Gov) -- Jane Dyer (D)36% vs. J. Duncan (R)62.5%
SC04 (Inglis-R, lost primary) -- NONE
TN03 (Wamp-R, Gov) -- Robin Smith(R), Jean Howard-Hill(R), Brenda Short(D)
                                                                                      lost primary
TN06 (Gordon-D, Ret) -- Diane Lynn Black (R)67% vs. B. Carter (D)29%
                                Devora Butler (D), LouAnn Zelenick (R) lost primary
TN08 (Tanner-D, Ret) -- Kimberlee Smith (D) lost primary
WA03 (Baird-D, Ret) -- Jaime Herrera (R)53% vs. D. Heck (D)47%
                                Cheryl Christ (D) lost primary
WV01 (Mollohan-D, lost primary) -- NONE
WI07 (Obey-D, Ret) -- Julie Lassa (D)44.5% vs. Sean Duffy (R)52%

SENATE: 14 OPEN Seats > 6 women in General Election >2 won
AK (Murkowski-R, lost primary) -- Lisa Murkowski WRI vs.                                                                               J. Miller (R), S. McAdams (D)
CT (Dodd-D, Ret) -- Linda McMahon (R)44% vs. R.Blumenthal (D)54%
DE (Biden-D, VP)--Christine O'Donnell (R)40% vs. C.Coons(D)56.6%
FL (Martinez-R, Ret early/caretaker) -- NONE
IL (Obama-D, Pres/caretaker) - Cheryle Jackson(D), Kathleen Thomas(R)                                                                                     lost primary
IN (Bayh-D, Ret) -- NONE
KS (Brownback-R, Gov) -- Lisa Johnston (D)26% vs. Jerry Moran (R)70%
KY (Bunning-R, Ret) -- Darlene Fitzgerald Price (D) lost primary
MO (Kit Bond-R, Ret) -- Robin Carnahan (D)41% vs. R.Blunt (R)54%
                                Kristi Nichols (R), Deborah Solomon (R) lost primary
ND (Byron Dorgan-D, Ret) -- NONE
NH (Judd-R, Ret) -- Kelly Ayotte (R)60% vs. Paul Hodes (D)36.5%
OH (Voinovich-R, Ret) -- Jennifer Brunner (D) lost primary
PA (Specter-D, lost primary) -- NONE
UT (Bennett-R, lost nomination) -- Cherilyn Eagar (R) lost party nomination
WV (Byrd-D, Dec/caretaker) -- NONE

* This list has been compiled by reviewing and cross-checking information found on the websites of The Hill, The Cook Political Report, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Center for American Women in Politics, The Wall Street Journal and other online sources as needed -- there are no other lists just like this one.

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