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OPEN SEATS 2006 & Women Running for Them:

HOUSE (31) -- 7 wins/pick-ups marked by an *

* AZ08(Kolbe-R) -- Gabrielle Giffords (D) 54% vs. Randy Graf (R) 42%
CA22 (Thomas-R) -- Sharon Beery (D) 29% vs. Kevin McCarthy (R) 71%
CO05 (Hefley-R) -- NONE (D Peggy Lamm lost her primary)
CO07 (Beauprez-R) -- NONE
FL09 (Bilirakis-R) -- Phyllis Busanksy (D) 44% vs. Gus Bilirakis (R) 56%
* FL11 (Davis-D) -- Kathy Castor (D) 70 % vs. Eddie Adams, Jr. (R) 30%
FL13 (Harris-R) -- Christine Jennings (D) vs. Vern Buchanan (R) RECOUNT
FL16 (Foley-R) -- NONE
*HI02 (Case-D) -- Mazie Hirono (D) 61% vs. Bob Hogue (R) 39%
IA01 (Nussle-R) -- NONE
ID01 (Otter-R) -- NONE (R Sheila Sorenson lost her primary)
IL06 (Hyde-R) -- Tammy Duckworth (D) 49% vs. Peter Roskam (R) 51%
IL17 (Evans-D, announced 3/22) -- Andrea Zinga(R)43% vs. Phil Hare(D)57%
MD03 (Cardin-D)-- NONE(Dems Paula Hollinger, Mishona Baldwin lost primaries)
MN05 (Sabo-D) -- NONE (D Ember Junge lost her primary)
*MN06 (Kennedy-R) -- Michele Bachman (R) 50% vs. Patty Wetterling (D) 42%
NE03 (Osborne-R) -- NONE
NJ13 (Menendez-D)-- NONE
NV02 (Gibbons-R) -- Jill Derby (D) 45% vs. Dean Heller (R) 50%
                      (Rs Sharron Angle, Dawn Gibbons lost primaries)
*NY11 (Owens-D) -- Yvette Clark (D) 89% vs. Stephen Finger (R) 6%
NY24 (Boehlert-R) -- NONE
OH04 (Oxley-R) -- NONE
OH06 (Strickland-D) -- NONE
*OH13 (Brown-D) -- Betty Sutton (D) 61% vs. Craig Foltin (R) 39%
OH18 (Ney-R, announced 8/7) -- Joy Padgett(R) 38% vs. Zack Space(D) 62%
*OK05 (Istook-R) -- Mary Fallin (R) 60% vs. David Hunter (D) 37%
TN01 (Jenkins-R) -- NONE
TN09 (Ford-D) -- NONE (D Nikki Tinker lost her primary)
TX22 (DeLay-R) -- Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (R) 42% vs. Nick Lampson (D) 52%
VTAL (Sanders-I) -- Martha T. Rainville (R) 44% vs. Peter Welch (D) 53%
WI08 (Green-R) -- NONE (D Nancy Nusbaum, R Terri McCormick lost primaries)

SENATE (4) -- 1 win

MD (Sarbanes-D, Ret) -- Lise Van Sustern (D), dropped out 4/22
*MN (Dayton-R, Ret) -- Amy Klobuchar(D) 58% vs. Mark Kennedy (R) 38%
TN (Frist-R, Ret) -- Rosalind Kurita (D), dropped out 4/12
VT (Jeffords-I, Ret) -- NONE

THEY NEED $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

CLICK HERE to support the Democrat candidates on "Open Seats for Women" (which finished an unofficial #22 for money raised via ACT BLUE in 2004). Republican candidates can be supported by going directly to their websites as posted above.

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