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     "Every OPEN SEAT A Woman's Seat!"               2016 Open Seat UPDATE

SMOKE & MIRRORS: The Truth About the Political Status of U.S. Women

SMOKE & MIRRORS: The Truth About the Political Status of U.S. Women

      6 years after the above book was published, the USA is now #101 in the world for electing women, 241 years after independence from Great Britain (#46 at 30.00% with its second woman PM)...

115th Congress:
85 Women House NOW, 21 Senate (19.6%)
 Will US Women Ever Be EQUAL?
2016 General Election Results
for Women ALL races can be found HERE!

114th Congress:
84 Women/House, 20 Senate (19.4%)
It's 2014 & it happened again!
2014 General Election Results
for Women ALL races can be found HERE!

113th Congress:
80 Women House/20 Senate (18.7%)

What have our political parties done SPECIFICALLY to end the gross under-representation on women in Congress?!?
When Women Run, Women Win, With Women's Help!

OLDER ARTICLES/LINKS BELOW...(Some of them may no longer be online, sorry!)

Combat pilot takes 84th seat for women!
Objections by Women Open Rift in GOP...
Mary Landrieu loses LA Senate seat
NOT landmark year for women (CAWP)
Women disappointed in modest 2014 gains
Joni Ernst 1st IA woman elected to Congress!
Gwen Graham wins FL02, adds seat for women...
Gwen Graham gives Dems a Chance in FL-02
C. Quinn alive/well (NY Women's Equality Party)
Coakley & Healey buck establishment in MA Howard Dean changes his tune on Hillary(HPost)
(Lots of tune-changing going on these days...)
5 Women in Japan's Cabinet (NYTimes 9-4-14)
Gays prevail, women see setbacks (NYT8-4-14)
MASS Dems pick Grossman over Coakley...
Will Obamacare trump equal pay in Nov?
Alex Sink loses FL-13 Special Election
GOP's Project Grow to Elect Women! (We-news)
HRC media strategy overhaul? (NYT 2-28-14)
Lessons for Hillary Clinton...(NYT 1-12-14)

Gillibrand refuses to play part (NYT 12-6-13)
Women Break the Cash Ceiling (NYT 11-29-13)
Alex Sink in Special Election Congress FL13!
Quinn's Loss: Gender/Sexuality (NYT 9-11-13)
Sheila Oliver fights for traction in NJ special.
Women Gain Strength on Senate Committees...
FL 23rd for electing women to Legislature.
Colbert-Busch loses SC-01 Special Election...
Baucus makes 6th OPEN Dem Senate seat!
Women gain power in Senate (NYT 3-21-13)
Dems to recruit more women?(PBP 2-26-13)
A woman will win JJJr.'s Chicago seat!
Is Obama's Cabinet Too Male? (Time 1-16-13)
Record number of women in Congress, but men still in Control (N.H. Union Leader 1-3-13)
In N. Hampshire, Women Rule (NYTimes 1-1-13) Boehner adds woman chair under duress!

2102 General Election Results
for Women ALL races can be found HERE!
2011-12 Special Elections

Congratulations to 2012 women candidates, but
what were the raw facts of the matter?

Special Election for Jackson's seat Feb 26th and
Convicted Mel Reynolds wants his seat back!
Gillibrand raising $$$ for women! (BuzzFeed)
5 empty seats in House - men dropping out!
Women & the RNC (The Boston Phoenix)
Bembry taken off DCCC list!(Political Hurricane)
Are Dems taking sides in primaries - whoops!
For gender neutral political coverage (WMC)
Sen. Snowe has opened Pandora's box! (NYT)
Groups pushing to elect women (Clarion Ledger) Breakthrough messages to elect women (B Lee)
GOP leadership accused of meddling (The Hill)
2012 GOP Women's SuperPac (womensenews)
Obama plays active role in primaries (The Hill)
Canadian women MP's fight on (Globe& Mail) "The evolution of Sarah Palin" (The Hill)
Dems pour $$ into OR mail-in Special Election

More kudos for Sen. Gillibrand (USA Today)
Make Super Committees Half Women! (WMC)
Female leaders & debt crisis...(CNN 7-19-11)
Sen. Gillibrand fought for NY26! (NYT 7-4-11)
"M. Bachmann is a real player" (TDB 6-28-11)
More women than ever (25%) elected to
Canadian Parliament! (CTV.ca 5-3-11)

The real meaning of Women's Equality Day!
           (Women's Equality Day Flyer)

Results of 2010 Congressional OPEN SEAT races

In New York, Standing By Men, Not Governing Beside Them (New York Times, 10-1-10)

The Tea Party and the New Right-Wing Christian Feminism (The Berkeley Daily Planet, 7-6-10)

ERA is still necessary to guarantee women equality (Miami Herald 8-26-10)
Ratify ERA Florida 2010! on Facebook

75 women elected to House (+4), 17 to Senate (+1) for 17% of Congress in 2008 -- U.S. tied for 73rd in the World for electing women.

2009 Follow-up with Congressional Women's Caucus Co-Chairs J.Schakowky (D-IL), M.Fallin (R-OK), Health Tops List of Women's Caucus

OPEN SEAT Idea for Prez Obama (12-08)
Last OPEN SEAT letter to Howard Dean (11-08)
Women to lead Maine Legislature!

2008 OPEN SEAT Results, U.S. Congress,
18 STATES still have NO WOMEN in Congress!

Don't have to vote Palin to respect her...
Gerry Ferraro hoped for good debate showing -
Bill Clinton talks about Sarah Palin nomination.

Ingrid Betancourt FREED after 2321 days!

Hillary Clinton invokes campaign's historical role, women's issues in concession speech

An Opportunity We Cannot So Easily Refuse...
Older women equate Clinton to equality --
Leading women support different candidates... Hillary Moves Women to Campaign Front Burner
Hillary Gives Women Mirror Image of Own Fears

Moroccan 2015 goal 30% women in Parliament!
Chile Kick-starts Debate on Election Quotas...

"High achievements awesome, but no excuse
to ignore gross party failings" - Be Independent!

Late-blooming Congressional Women's Caucus,
NY's Madame Speaker model of collaboration!

2006 Results Women's Congressional Races:
Top-rated Races (National Journal/HOTLINE)
OPEN SEATS (7 of 32) towards 5050X2020?
"Taxation without representation states"

(ONLY online resource tracking women's races this way, RE the empowerment of women.)

ALL things Florida, including 2006 Results --
Miami-Dade County 2006 Women's Ballot!
5050X2020 Goal Op-Ed (Miami Herald (8-26-06)
What a new FL governor should do 4 women!

NOW Prez Kim Gandy at Ned Lamont victory party in CT on 8-8-06, when she could have paying more attention to women candidates running that day in CO, MI, & MO!
What's wrong with this picture?

Stéphane Dion's stunning Canadian upset!
Canadian political leader Stephane Dion offers
a plan to achieve gender equity in Parliament!

Sixteen months later, still NO ANSWER to the
Letter to Governor Howard Dean (9-27-05) --
Second Open Letter to Howard Dean (7-17-06)RE commitments needed from political parties.
Take the PARITY PLEDGE right here and now!

Who is using Susan B. Anthony's name in vain?
Question: Is EMILY'S List a shero or a shill?
MT Mother's Day March & Political Equality!
Why don't you Take Action to Get Action?
We need a lot more than party lip service --
Stand up, speak up, write Letters to the Editor!

State politics moving in wrong direction --
George Dean election evaluation still on point! CMBraun: Beyond party politics for equity

Cutting Edge: Lani G. on Full Representation..
Global: Michelle Bachelet keeps pledge for 50% women, 50% men in Chilean Cabinet!

Letter to Pres. Bill Clinton (9-22-05) -- ANSWER
letter to President Jimmy Carter (9-14-05) --
Open letter to President GW Bush (1-04-05) --

"Through the Looking-glass: Creating An
Independent Paradigm for Electing Women"

"Run, Sistahs, Run!" by Donna Brazile
Women's PACs/Donor Networks Contact List
In victory, Stephanie Herseth (SD) broke new ground paying herself to campaign full-time.

2004 results women's Congressional races,
Around the USA: CAWP '04 Election Summary
Gender gap closes, George Bush benefitted.

Issues important to women and their families...
CAWP study shows women legislators of BOTH parties advance our issues more than men!

When Women Run, Women Win, With Women's Help!

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