Pledge to Support & Activate
"Every OPEN SEAT A Woman's Seat"

Whereas, women now hold a measly 19.8% of the seats in the US Congress (Senate and House), and the United States of America is ranked #101 in the world for electing women (actually worse if you count all the ties) -- 97 years after women won the right to vote and 241 years after independence from the Bristish Empire;

Whereas, 15 states have no women in the U.S. House of Representatives -- of those, 3 (AK, IA NE) have a woman in the U.S. Senate -- leaving the women of 12 states (24%) without representation at the federal level whatsoever as we debate important issues impacting women and their families like Healthcare, Tax Reform, and the Budget - not to mention war and peace, and whether our current president is fit to serve;

Whereas, there can be no true democracy without women, who make up 51+ percent of the U.S. population;

Whereas, in the countries that have moved ahead of us in their commitment to women having a fair share of seats at decision-making tables, leaders with vision and courage like Nelson Mandela and King Mohammed VI of Morocco -- and unlike the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties -- initiated specific strategies/programs to accelerate the election of women in their countries;

Whereas, we must as political, organizational and grassroot leaders now do our part to focus on concrete, quantifiable strategies and goals in order to accelerate the election of women and equal representation in the United States of America;

Whereas, "Every OPEN SEAT A Women's Seat" is such a strategy -- calling for the dedicated recruitment, support and funding of women to run for OPEN SEATS (in addition to supporting women who choose to challenge incumbents).

Whereas, paying no attention to these numbers, strategies, and goals ensures that women will remain second class citizens for the foreseeable future;

I, ________________________, pledge to support the "Every OPEN SEAT A Women's Seat" campaign by doing everything within my power as _________________________________________ to initiate a specific program within my jurisdiction to elect women to OPEN SEATS, with the aim of achieving concrete results going forward beginning with the 2018 Congressional and state legislative elections. Signed on this day __________________, 2017.

(You can send an email, pasting in the last paragraph of the above statement to make your support known. Better yet, mail a copy to the leaders of your political party and others who might support this critical effort! Thank you.)

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